What is Seen, What is to be

I keep telling them what is going to happen. Each empire I advise. I tell my tricks and trivia. Tell them of the ides of march. I tell them that things are happening all around them. That their empire is going to burn , they will die, but they never listen. So again I sit on a hill out looking the grand city that I arrived in just a month ago. I smiled, talked the talk, then got an audience with the emperor himself.He was old , frail, but sharp. He looked at me, displeased with my presence, and waved me off before hearing a word. As they shuffled me out I called out a name. A warning. A week later I was back in his presence. A man with the name I spoke had tried to kill him. As I foretold. He knew that I told the truth. The future. From then on I advised. Like all before him his main question was what he could do to change the future. This is always the main concern. I tell them, as always, that it is written. You must either choose that path or go among the stars and see what happens. The problem is that sometimes the future always needs to happen. That no matter what path they choose it always ends up where I say. So the armies come from the west. I tell him to fortify. He does. I tell him they are coming from the south now with ships. He says its impossible. They invade. Have I been wrong? So the smoke rises, the screams fill waves of air that travel over these green hills. The sky a pleasant blue with the sun shining. A perfect day to walk away. Another empire calls for me to help them out. I walk east. Let those arms take me in willing.

I arrived in the evening. The streets were golden with the setting sun and merchants were lighting their stall lanterns. I packed my self in a charming inn. Its whole being was made out of dark reflective wood that twisted like it was made out of vines. The balcony on the second floor overlooked the main square so I sat down over looking the new place. I wondered how long it would last. Maybe it was me that caused the downfall of so many. I never really knew. I took a bath and started my show.

“Ladies and gentlemen, let me tell your future. Step up , one hand, and small idea and you can know” I called to the crowd. Anyone around. I made grand gestures with my hands and arms. It needed to be a show, a spectacle. The future was boring, but I didn’t have to be. A couple of people looked towards my way, but one caught my eye. A young lady dressed from head to toe in a emerald green. Even her heels sparked with what looked like jade.

“My my, such a lady looking at me, it must be fate? Let me see what you posses, please” I reached out my hand. She didn’t buy it at first, but as my hand invited, she soon accepted.

“I don’t believe in this sort of thing” She mumbled coming closer to me. She smelled sweet and her eyes glittered a dark blue. Mesmerizing. I pulled her close for drama and closed my eyes feeling out her hand. In reality I didn’t need to do anything special to see a vision. Once I touched a person in any way, a flash would come over me. It showed me them and others that might be involved. I get lucky most of the time and see something related to my main target to get me in. In my head I saw this lady dance and having a grand old time. The gentlemen who clenched her hands as they swung was …me? I opened my eyes to stare at hers.

“Well fancy that. It looks like you and I are destined to be together. Dancing as it may” She quickly pulled her hand away.

“Lecher, is this a way to pick up girls.” She turned to the crowd “This man is a fake, a pick up artist, watch your dresses girls” she turned back to me and scowled before stomping off. Well that hurt my chances, but I knew I would see her again. My visions were never wrong. Yet, they never involved me.

I thought of a man that advised the greats. Told them the harrowing future. Warned them of the perilous times ahead. Even if he was right, they still ignored. What irony.

A seer had warned Julius Caeser of the Ides of March. He knew the future, yet still perished.

Would you believe everything a person foretelling the future says? Even if it seems they are right?