What You Find When You Look

“We looked everywhere for you, where did you go?” she said moving towards him.

He looked at her with half lidded eyes. He was cold, but why? Where was he? Where had he been? Who was he? The women covered him with a jacket and ushered him off towards a car that was parked near the side of the road.

“What were you thinking?” Her voice shook as she closed the door and turned on the engine.

“I didn’t think. There is no thoughts” he mumbled back at her. His eyes shifted from one side of the car to the other. Something was wrong. Obviously. What did I do?

The car sped down the road and into a long stretch of winding roads passing by winter bashed trees and large stones seemed to be stacked in odd, impossible ways.

“What was a I doing before?”

“Before? Before what?”

“Before I left”

“Dr. Shim, you have to stop playing games, we are at our wits ends, working day and night, every minute that goes by and we do not figure this out. Well, you know what happens.” She shook her head.

He closed his eyes and peered out the window towards the gray sky. I found the key. The thought scrapped against his mind. I found it.

The car wound up a large hill and a massive building built from brick and glass roes high into the sky. Smoke stacks dwarfed the factory like building on both sides and at the sight his blood began to chill.

They pulled up and both got out of the car and moved towards the front door. as he approached he saw his reflection in the door. He was naked besides the long over coat that covered just above his thighs.

This is Dr.Shim. Was his first thought.

They moved into the facility. It was wide open, pristine, and looked as if it was brand new. The ceiling rose high and were filled with large arched glasses panels that shone the sky and smoke stacks. Grand chandeliers hung from steel beams and some how provided enough light for the whole place. Equipment of monstrous proportions rose in the empty space and computers, and desks were strobe about. As they entered, a bunch of people in white lab coats moved towards them, their eyes scanning him, all with frowns.

“Shim, what the fuck man, we are literally about to be ended and you are out doing what ever the hell this is” a man started yelling.

Shim looked at him with no remembrance.

“Please sir, we are running out of time, we need everyone on deck for this, this might be out last chance” a women with blond hair said. Her eyes looked puffy and her make up was a mess. His eyes scanned the rest. They all looked bent out of shape.Tired, beaten, on the their last leg. What was so important to them? What was important to him?

Words came from his mouth that he did not know where they came from “What do you think I have been doing? Wasting time?” He scowled at them and moved towards one of the large machines.

Something was coming back to him. But it wasn’t what he thought. Who he thought.

He placed his hand against it. The lights burned brighter and illuminated across the facility. He closed his eyes for a moment, then removed his hand and reopened them.

“Dr.Shim went looking for the answer to all of your questions. He found it, but Dr.Shim did not return with it” his eyes narrowed towards the crew.

The lady that had picked him up moved towards him, but he put out his right hand in a stopping motion. He turned his palm towards the ceiling and strained his arm, pulling it towards him then crushed his palm and brought it into his chest. As he did the women screamed. Her body cracked and crumbled in horrible sound. Blood sprayed and pour although it stayed gliding in the air around her broken body.

The crew screamed and ran from him. The women’s body then seemed to fold into its self, over and over again until it fell to the ground in a mind shattering splat.

“Who would of thought that to save your race, you would condemn it. None of you would of found the solution.” he walked through the machinery and computers “Not even close. Dr.Shim knew this, so he sought alternative methods of acquiring knowledge.”

The man that had approached him as he entered burst from his hiding spot and ran for the door. Dr.Shim swiped his hand in a diagonal motion and the mans legs were cut from underneath him. His thigh and torso slammed into the cold floor and he crawled crying and screaming towards the door.

“What a pity”

The monster that was Dr.Shim sat on the cobble stairs outside the front door staring out at the snow covered mountains. Behind him, the door windows and large windows on the sides of the building were covered in blood and internals. He rested his chin on his hand in a thinking man position.

“What does a god do?”

This thought came from if a person went seeking knowledge, the answer, and found it. Yet, when they returned, something else came with them. Forbidden knowledge and creatures from the beyond is a very lovecraftian idea. I am a big fan of incomprehensible things. How might you try and comprehend them?

This story is vague. The threat to the human race is unknown, what Dr.Shim was looking for is unknown and what he brings back is really unknown too. It is the unknowning-ness that might drive us to salvation or damnation.